Mentoring an I-Corps Team

Mentors play a vital role in I-Corps by providing teams with professional industry experience. UMD I-Corps is eager to engage local entrepreneurs, alumni, technical experts, and titans of industry to become mentors in our regional and national cohorts. In exchange for offering a small amount of your time and expertise, I-Corps can provide you access to a large entrepreneurial ecosystem and cutting edge technologies. In addition, mentors have the opportunity to give back to entrepreneurs who may change the world.

Mentorship has proven to be a critical factor in increasing start-up success.

Often, I-Corps mentors develop deeper relationships to the entrepreneurial teams and this relationship can naturally progress. It is not required, nor should it be expected, but often mentors can become strategic advisors, board members, and even investors as a team develops its entrepreneurial skills and hones its technology. These relationships are encouraged in I-Corps, so long as they are mutually beneficial to both the team and mentor.